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Implementing GASB 96

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If you’re a tribal government entity using subscription-based software, your financial statements will soon be held to a whole new accounting standard: GASB 96 – Subscription-Based IT Arrangements (SBITAs), which was issued in May 2020 by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

GASB 96 applies to government agencies that currently contract the use of cloud-based accounting and other software, including POS and videoconferencing software (like Teams or Zoom), enrollment software, data backup, remote storage, and cybersecurity tools.

Watch the recording of REDW's October 18, 2023 webinar that covers the downloadable material.

Download our GASB 96 Guide to learn more about:
  • The key differences and similarities between GASB 96 and 87 (Leases)
  • Scope and Effective Dates
  • Exclusions
  • SBITA Subscription Term
  • Subscription Asset and Liability
  • Separating Component and Allocation Contract Prices
Includes a handy GASB 96 Implementation Checklist!


And don't miss the conversation that continues in an Insight in Indian Country podcast where the hosts tackle questions raised during the webinar in a helpful Q&A.

Join hosts Wes Benally and Mike Dierlam as they answer top questions they received during their October 18 webinar covering the new software subscription accounting standard, GASB 96. Wes and Mike unpack some complexities in the new standard so you can comply with confidence.

🔉 Insight in Indian Country Podcast
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Wesley Ryan Benally, CPA
Principal & National Tribal Practice Leader